Coming up from Japan today, starting at 2350GMt:

  • October monetary base, prior was +35.3% y/y
  • & Monetary Base end of period for October, prior was 252.6tln yen. This will grow again Kuroda’s surprise ‘more easing’ announcement last Friday.

Pump up the Jam, Mr. K

Also coming, scheduled at 0130GMT – September Labor Cash earnings y/y: expected is +0.8% prior was +0.9%. Japan’s economic recovery is going to rely on increasing worker earnings … lets pump up the jam here too.

Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Kuroda speaks at the Kisaragi-kai meeting in Tokyo today, scheduled at 0230GMT, I don’t have a topic/subject matter for this speech. Most of his public comments are a near cut and paste of previous comments, though … but after Friday’s surprise BOJ move what he says today will be closely examined.