A piece in the Financial Times on UTokyo daily price index which uses online data collection to track prices every day

  • Its showing inflation running at 1.4% y/y, way above the official data (which is running at around zero)
  • Creator of the index, University of Tokyo professor Tsutomu Watanabe, says there had been a significant change in the behaviour of Japanese corporations this year: "From April, stores were aggressive in raising prices. I was kind of sceptical in the early phase of May to June, but it seems this is more durable than last year's experience."
  • Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Kuroda has taken to highlighting the UTokyo index in speeches

More at the (gated)FT article, here: Japanese price index shows inflation surge amid economic gloom It may be available with free registration.


I posted on the UTokyo index a while back. Creator Watanabe is a former BOJ official