We just had the Bank of Japan announcement and their updated outlook

And, there is more to come from the BOJ head honcho himself:

Tomorrow its over to Europe for the European Central Bank meeting. These from earlier:

Adding this, via Scotia:

  • The ECB is not expected to alter policy measures … but the tone will likely be incrementally more cautious in nature in light of the … failure of the Brexit vote but also the deterioration in the negotiations toward somewhat of a stalemate.
  • Absent progress in core inflation that is stuck at 1%, the ECB may nevertheless reinforce expectations for gradual firming over the duration of the year. Any adjustment to forward guidance with respect to keeping rates on hold "through" the summer of this year will only be possibly revisited once further clarity is gained on internal (Brexit, growth) and external (world growth, trade tensions, market stability) risks.
  • The March 7th meeting is when revised forecasts are scheduled for release and so the ECB is likely to have considerable sympathy toward the Fed's "patient," "watching," "waiting," and "flexible" buzz words of late.