BOE governor Mark Carney dons his FPC hat at 10.30 (gmt+1) to deliver his financial stability report and that may have the market covering and positioning for any bombshells. Housing is going to be the big theme and what plans they have to step in and cool the market if needed.

Direct monetary policy to combat housing isn’t on the table but implementing any restrictions on the market could have implications for investors, particularly foreign ones.

We’ll bring you the report blow by blow but you can also follow it live here

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If you wish to bone up on what to expect from the report you can watch November’s here

He mentions the housing market in particularly and warned that prices could rise further, which we’ve seen. The risks to financial stability will come from increased household indebtedness and rapid increases in house prices.

The gist of today’s report will be whether they have seen these risks grow enough to warrant any action. At the very least we should hear what they have in the toolbox to combat it.