The Bank of Japan concludes today after a two-day monetary policy meeting.

I hear you asking … What time is the Bank of Japan (BOJ) announcement due today?

  • Well, here’s the thing … there is no scheduled time for the conclusion of the meeting and subsequent monetary policy statement.
  • The more there is to discuss and debate, the longer the meeting tends to go … but with no change expected this time around I expect the announcement earlier rather than later.
  • Look for it some time between 0230-0330GMT, but be ready for it outside that window.
  • Following on from the announcement Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda will give a press conference. This does have a scheduled time … 0630GMT

What to expect?

Well, there are basically no expectations of any policy change from the BOJ today. Many analysts do see further BOJ easing later in 2015 (I’ll have more on this soon).

I’ve been banging on a bit lately about how I am sensing a change in the communications from the BOJ that may mean an end to further expansion of monetary policy stimulus …. which of course would mean a yen positive. Yeah, like that worked real well this week


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