Federal Reserve Bank of New York President John Williams. As head of the NY Fed Williams has a permanent vote on the FOMC, and indeed is its vice-chair.

Williams is participating in a moderated discussion before the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Central Bank Research Association (CEBRA).

Headlines via Reuters:

  • I’m not content with where inflation is right now
  • Fighting inflation remains Fed’s main job
  • Sees progress on inflation but price pressures still too high
  • Pandemic factors driving inflation have eased
  • Economy still has strong demand for labor
  • ‘A bit of a surprise” to see resilience of housing market
  • Economy has handled rate hikes ‘reasonably well’
  • Surprised by the stability of natural rate level

Williams giving indications that the FOMC has not finished hiking yet. The committee meet later this month and a 25bp rate hike is getting pencilled in for now, awaiting more data in the weeks ahead though. Starting with jobs data this coming Friday then CPI on the 12th.

Fed williams boxing meme

ps. Never mind Willaims fighting inflation, I'm fighting a few tech gremlins hence I have had to repost the Willaims bit with more comments. Maybe that's a form of inflation though? ;-)