Luxembourg PM delivers a stern warning to the UK ahead of trade talks

Xavier Bettel, the prime minister of Luxembourg, yesterday urged the UK to accept the rules of the EU single market or face a cliff-edge Brexit at the end of 2020. He said that:

"We cannot accept cherry-picking. You decided to leave. I won't accept that you destroy the single market. We have rules and you will have to accept these rules. It is not that the U.K. will change Europe."

He also dismissed the idea of extending the transition period by arguing that:

"If you ask for a new delay, because you think you're going to have a better deal, then no. We have to respect procedures, but the fact is that we shouldn't postpone it."

Does that not sound familiar? I think you could trace back the same warning about a Brexit extension all the way back to last year (not to mention this year's ones as well) and you will find that it reads out a similar message to the above.

So, if you think we would be getting through the hard part on Brexit if Boris Johnson secures a majority victory next week, here's a reality check for you. The hard part may very well have just begun and we could potentially still be stuck in this cycle for many more years.

Except this time it won't be about trying to sort out a Brexit withdrawal agreement but instead the future trade relationship. Just gotta keep kicking that can down the road.