SVB Leerink's Geoffrey Porges speaks on Bloomberg TV

SVB Leerink's Geoffrey Porges speaks on Bloomberg TV

Porges was in the news today because he questioned AstraZeneca's vaccine news today, saying that the company embellished the data and that it will never be approved in the US.

"It wasn't particularly clear what the efficacy was... then they changed the dose, partway through because of a manufacturing problem and serendipitously that created a much better outcome in a small sample."

He said you can't draw too many conclusions from 2700 test patients, it's a small sample.

He highlighted how the spike protein via a primate vector and that could be

"I'm going to be signing up for the 90%, not the one that's 70%, maybe 60%, maybe 90%," he said.

Executives said they will publish the full data set later in the week.

Porges said he wants to see the full safety database, data on showing whether there are adverse events and whether it helps prevent severe cases.

His report hurt the shares of AstraZeneca earlier today and still remain about 2% lower.