The focus is no longer on daily case counts, although the headlines still come.

In Australia's largest population state of New South Wales (and home to Australia's largest city of Sydney):

  • 1220 new cases (NSW will not publish linked/unlinked numbers)
  • hospitalisations up 80 on the day, ICU up 15 (to 192), deaths +8
  • total number of vaccines administered in NSW is now 7.58m
  • At the current rate of vaccinations 80% of the eligible population in the state should be double-dosed by October 10

In Australia's 2nd largest population state of Victoria (and home to Australia's 2nd largest city of Melbourne):

  • 246 new cases, 90 linked (others under investigation)
  • 110 people are in hospital in Victoria due to the virus. None of these in hospital have had two doses.
  • days to 80% of those eligible for vaccines (i.e. the over 16s) to be double-shot fully vaccinated at the current rate is around 49 days, October 26th.

Premier of Victoria Andrews has said, more than once, that once all eligible people have been offered vaccination there will be no further lockdowns. Those refusing to look after themselves will have to ... look after themselves.


And, here's one for the anti-vaxxers, not that it'll do any good, you can't vaccinate against motivated reasoning/ignoring data:

  • In Melbourne, one Local Government Area, Hume (northwest Melbourne) accounts for 25% of the state's active cases. Its the 2nd least vaccinated LGA. This is largely a disease of the unvaccinated now. The US is clearly showing the way on this, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

But, by all means, pay more attention to what your favourite celebrity podcaster is advocating rather than the science. Podcasters gotta pay the bills too!