French media (Le Monde) say the Italian government has outlined a strategic plan "to gradually exit" from the pandemic.

And, making this perfectly clear - NOT YET. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte:

  • "We must not lower our guard"
  • "We are not in a position to ease the containment measures"

May 16 is being cautiously floated as a possible date to enter a scaled back "phase 2" -

  • "coexistence with the virus"
  • but only "if the evolution [of the pandemic] does not change"

Would invloive:

  • mask mandatory
  • social distancing at work and in public spaces
  • dedicated hospitals to treat COVID cases
  • beefing up local health clinics and systems to detect early
  • smartphone app to trace whereabouts of infected people
  • First to restart will be food production and pharma
  • small shops with few clients


  • Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, gyms will be last, and operators will have to maintain appropriate distance between patrons as well as staff.