Bloomberg with a round up of some commentary on the Australian dollar

If you don't want to read further Prez Trump would summarise it all as 'Sad'.

But, if you would like more:


  • tips 68 cents by end 2019
  • "You're in a doom loop. Now that the Federal Reserve is finally on hold, the RBA can finally talk about cutting again -- and they will."
  • sees RBA cutting by another 100 basis points


  • AUD to 66 cents by end 2019
  • "What does concern us about Australia is that their interest rates structure is below that of the U.S., and we would argue that the U.S. is a lower risk profile
  • You're getting paid less for the Antipodeans, and you get more risk."

Morgan Stanley:

  • AUD to 0.67 cents in Q2, end year at 0.71
  • "Markets are currently pricing in about a 50 percent probability of an RBA rate cut over the next 12 months, fairly reflecting the economic weakness
  • Under these dynamics, we see further Australian dollar downside."

Here is the Bloomberg link for a little more

If you can 'bear' it!

bearish  Australian dollar

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