EIA lowers 2020 supply outlook after OPEC

  • Sees supply for 2020 at 102.29 mbpd vs 102.58 mbpd prior
  • Demand seen at 102.14 mbpd vs 102.27 mbpd prior
  • EIA forecasts OPEC crude oil production will average 29.3 million b/d in 2020, down by 0.5 million b/d from 2019
  • Latest report

The swing producer in the world is now shale. In this report, the EIA said it expects total US crude oil and petroleum net exports to average 570,000 bpd in 2020 but that's down from 750,000 bpd in last month's estimate.

They continue to see a rise of 0.9 mbpd in US production this year, that's slower than the 1.3 mbpd rise this year but still above private forecasts, which have fallen to 0.6 mbpd (and lower).