Forex news for Asia trading Wednesday 5 November 2014

In political news, the Republican Party in the US have won control of the Senate and therefore now control both houses of Congress. Reuters/IPSOS projects at least 52 seats now for the Rs.

USD/JPY was a notable gainer through the session, along with yen crosses broadly. there were plenty of comments from Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Kuroda, though not much new. USD/JPY ground its way through to above 114 again, (as of writing) amd EUR/JPY a good performance to be well above 143.00 now.

Cable gained a few ticks on the session (the only data release from the UK was the shop price index (see bullets, above) which dropped again.

EUR/USD was quiet, but up a tick or so net on the session.

AUD/USD found sellers from 0.8760 and after some sideways action after peaking there it is pretty much unchanged from where I walked in, down a spread or so.

Oil is basically unchanged on the session, gold lost a few more dollars.

USD/CAD had a bit of chop in a 20 point range.