Fox Business now

  • Chinese trade sources tell Fox Business that the Chinese Trade Team will leave after one day of talks on Thursday

So, SCMP and Fox both the same report. This the first report from Hong Kong:

White House denies it, this from a few minutes ago.

And now the latest is from Fox, concurring with the SCMP report earlier:

  • Trade talks between the United States and China cooled off before they even started.
  • Originally set for Thursday and Friday, the talks will now only be one day, FOX Business has confirmed.
  • The delegation, led by Vice Premier Liu, will depart for China on Thursday at the conclusion of the talks. It is unclear why talks were shortened so close to the start.

If you are new to financial markets and perhaps a bit bewildered by this flurry of conflicting reports, welcome aboard.

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Numbers are the reports as they hit, 1 2 and 3. Roughly.