Easing of restrictions can come if the infection rate is below 1 i.e. when one infected person statistically infects less than one other person

  • Transmission of lockdown to pandemic control should be as quick as possible
  • Hospitals should have enough capacity to treat people
  • The infection rate must remain below 1, can be achieved without intensive lockdown
  • Proposes opening of retail stores and restaurants but limiting number of people*
  • Proposes temporary ban of large events, private celebrations*
  • Proposes regional opening off schools and educational institutions*

*infection rate must be maintained below 1

This is according to Reuters, citing a paper from the German interior ministry.

Quite honestly, I'm not sure how are they keeping track of this so-called 'infection rate' and how they can scientifically or statistically measure that one person can only infect less than one other person with the coronavirus.

Unless they are tracking every single case of community transmission, this requires the total daily count to drop into the low hundreds or double digits before lockdown measures will be eased. For now, they are a long way off that despite the curve flattening: