2245 GMT from New Zealand - trade balance for April

  • expected surplus is 450m, prior 922m
  • exports expected 5.35bn, prior 5.70bn
  • imports expected 4.90bn, prior 4.77bn

A beat here should be supportive for the NZD and a miss not so much. Having said that, eyese and ears are on global developments (trade war mainly)

2330 GMT, CPI for April

  • headline expected 0.9% y/y, prior 0.5%
  • excluding fresh expected 0.9% y/y, prior 0.8%
  • excluding fresh food and energy expected 0.6% y/y, prior 0.4% - this one the closest to the US core CPI equivalent

As is so often the case with data from Japan the announcement impact on yen will likely be small only.

Later from Japan, due at 0530GMT is the all industry activity index for March