As being reported from Sam Coates, deputy political editor at The Times


Says that 1922 Committee member Nigel Evans is planning to push for a change of rules so another confidence vote against Theresa May can take place immediately. Do take note that the members of the committee will be meeting up at 1500 GMT today, so just be wary of potential headlines to come after they are done.

The issue here is that the committee chair, Graham Brady, has already struck a deal with May last week to let her work through until early June before departing. However, quite a number of lawmakers are notably making a fuss about it now, more so after the details of May's proposed withdrawal agreement bill were brought to light yesterday.

I mentioned earlier that as long as May stays in office, the pound will still see more pressure ahead of the vote. Judging by the circumstances, May has nothing else to lose at this point and whatever route she takes will not spare her blushes, so I reckon she might just stick it out. Hence, the only way to get rid of her is to amend the rules so that a confidence vote can be called upon immediately.