NZ's government minister heading the COVID-19 response says daily cases could get up to the "high hundreds"

His comments come in the wake of yesterday's record high 94.

Minister Hipkins speaking with Radio NZ:

  • "We're likely to see case numbers continue to increase for a period and we do need to be prepared for that"
  • "The modellers have different views on where we are likely to top out. It could be as low as 200 or it could be higher than that ... up into the high hundreds."

Like Australia NZ is now in a race to get the vax rate up:

  • 83% of the eligible (aged 12 and over) population are single dosed
  • Just under 65% are fully vaccinated

Much of the country is under fairly loose restrictions however the largest city (by far) is under a strict lockdown for another two weeks, at least.


My expectation, as I have said numerous times, is that by the time of the next RBNZ monetary policy meeting (24 November) the vax rate will be high enough that restrictions will have been eased further and the Bank will hike 25bps.

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