UK Supreme court decision on parliament triggering article 50

  • Brexit bill must be presented
  • Any changes to law must be enacted by UK parliament
  • Government does not have to consult with devoluted entities on article 50 (jog on Scotland)

That's it, all done.

I'ts pretty simple and much as expected. Theresa May has to now get a bill through parliament but does not have to give a say to the regional assemblies of Northern Ireland and Scotland. That's probably going to kick up a stink so expect Scotland's Sturgeon to be hitting the wires very soon. I suspect that some consideration will be given by May to those governments though.

This decision had already been dumbed down by May's concession to give parliament a say in the final Brexit deal. The main parties have said they'll back triggering article 50 but expect the usual feather ruffling bluster before that actually happens.

Cable popped to 1.2532 over the decision but has since dropped back to a low of 1.2436.