OK, yeah its real. It’s a start-up.

Called Washboard.

And for a monthly subscription of $US26.99 they’ll send you $US20 a month in quarters. So you can go to a coin laundry and do your laundry.

Yes, its serious.

Cofounder Caleb Brown, 27:

  • “It is a legit business,” he said. “We do have customers. A few. Very few. Less than 10.”
  • “I don’t think its silly for a customer to sign up, I think its a great service.” Brown said he was “leaning towards” thinking we’re in a bubble, but quickly noted Washboard’s grander ambitions. “I want to do laundry detergent, I want to do fabric softener delivery. We started with kind of the quirkier aspect, which is mailing money.”

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Shakes head …

But, hey, good luck to ‘em