The story doing the rounds about the pop in USD/JPY was that a poll conducted by Japan’s Nikkei news shows that Abe may get around 300 seats in the election. A majority was needed of 270 (I need to double check that number)

Here’s what I’ve got from, via google translate, so it’s very ropey.

Nikkei was conducted the poll for the 47th general election, I explored the early situation immediately after the public announcement. Of the House of Representatives constant 475 seats, the Liberal Democratic Party’s momentum hear the 300 seats.Re-accepted on the House of Representatives a bill that has been rejected by the House of Councillors

That means that Abe would sail through the election without a hitch. Obviously it’s an independent poll and I don’t know how valid it is in the grand scheme of things. The survey was run by phone across the country canvassing around 80k people

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