Update, moving this to the top of the post. If you've lost money due to the outage Apex says they'll make that right


If you are a user of Apex Trader Funding (ATF), as I know many are, you may very well have experienced outages this week (and other times!). Its been an issue with Rithmic, but it looks like progress has been made and the repair is nearly complete.

From the Discord (in summary, there is more there on treatment of failed accounts while the service was malfunctioning):

  • Please close your connections to rTrader/NT8 or whichever platform you use to connect to your Rithmic data feed. While we are working on the rollback you will not be able to login. Please wait for an update as to when you can log back in.
  • Due to Rithmic applying the fix as we speak, trading for all Rithmic users will be halted until fully complete to ensure the process is as fast and smooth as possible. You will not be able to log in your rtrader in the meantime.

There is also an update at the ATF website, login and check out the Help page for this.

apex 12 June 2024 2

The Rithmic outage impacted other firms too, hopefully all will be back to normal soon.