Various reports about the place on developments in the Middle East on Sunday:

  • Israel and Hamas have both sent teams to Egypt for fresh talks on a potential ceasefire
  • a possible temporary ceasefire in Gaza that could be reached by Eid al-Fitr, The New Arab reported
  • Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said on Sunday that Israel is ready to handle any scenario that may arise with Iran
  • Iran has reportedly informed the US that it will refrain from responding to the airstrike in which senior IRGC commanders were killed in Damascus if a ceasefire in Gaza is reached (h/t and thanks to Nihat for this one here)

(Eid al-Fitr is known as the "festival of the breaking of the fast" because it comes right after Ramadan. Ramadan is a holy month on the Islamic calendar, when many Muslims don't eat or drink (no, not even water) from sunrise to sunset. The last day of Ramadan is on Tuesday, 9 April 2024 )

It's a volatile situation in the region so be prepared for any of the above, and more, to change.

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