While the US Independence Day holiday is on 4 July Monday has been slotted in for an unofficial long weekend.

While markets are open interest and liquidity will be light:

  • Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange will close at 1 pm US Eastern time on Monday, and will remain closed on Tuesday
  • The U.S. bond market will close at 2 pm US Eastern time on Monday and will also remain closed Tuesday
  • FX never entirely shuts, but desk will be more or less deserted on Monday afternoon and Tuesday.

Not also, Canada is out on Monday for a holiday.

As for Tuesday Globex hours at the CME, check out this nice summary pic.

cme globex 4 july independence day holiday hours

Found at AMP Futures, which I know nothing about except their holiday hours summary is very helpful.

Of course, you can find full details at the Chicago Merc's website: