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Last Updated: February 29, 2024

Real-time price chart of AJG stock

Stay up-to-date with the latest performance of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., (AJG) through our real-time stock chart, providing live insights into its market movements

AJG stock valuation - less noise, just the highlights

  • Despite a relatively high P/E ratio of 55.30, the forward P/E of 21.55 suggests that earnings are expected to grow in the future, making AJG potentially undervalued.
  • The PEG ratio of 4.19 indicates that the stock may be overvalued based on its growth prospects, but investors should consider the company's strong historical EPS growth of 16.39% this year and 11.71% next year.
  • With a price change of only 0.79% and a relatively low volume of 668,758, AJG stock may be under the radar for many investors, presenting a potential opportunity for those looking for undervalued stocks.

Stay informed with the latest AJG stock analyst recommendations:

  • Analysts have recently downgraded AJG stock from a strong buy to a market perform, indicating a shift in sentiment towards the stock's performance. This change should be taken into consideration by investors and traders when making decisions.
  • Price targets have been adjusted by various analysts, with some setting a target as high as $279 and others as low as $133. This range in price targets highlights the varying opinions among analysts regarding the future performance of AJG stock.
  • It is important to pay attention to the recent changes in analyst ratings for AJG stock, as these updates can provide valuable insights into the potential trajectory of the stock and help investors and traders make informed decisions.

Stay updated on AJG stock insider trading with these key points:

  • The insider trading data also includes option exercises and sales by other key roles such as Vice Presidents and Directors, providing insights into their sentiment towards the stock. Investors and traders should closely monitor these activities for potential buy or sell signals based on the actions of top executives and decision-makers within the company.
  • VP & Chief Financial Officer, Douglas K. Howell, has been involved in multiple heavy trades, including selling a total of 12,000 shares in February at a value of over $2.8 million. This could indicate his confidence in the stock's current valuation or potential concerns about the company's financial performance.
  • The most recent insider trading activity for AJG involves the President & CEO, J. Patrick Gallagher Jr., who exercised options to acquire 58,300 shares at a cost of $3,314,938. This suggests a positive outlook on the company's future prospects from a key leadership figure.

AJG technical analysis

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