Dow industrial average higher

the NASDAQ index has given up its earlier gains and trades negative on the day. The high price reached 11949.32. It is currently trading at 11848.30, down 8 points or -0.7% on the day.

While the NASDAQ moves lower, the Dow industrial average is still holds an 182 point gain or 0.62% at 29446. Nevertheless, that is down from its high of 29577.

The S&P index also remains higher by around 11 points or 0.30% at 3568.18.

There has been a big shift in flows over the last 30 minutes. Spot gold fell sharply and is currently down -1.81% at $1837. Spot silver is also down sharply at -2.6%.

The US dollar was the weakest currency as stocks opened. It has now reversed most of those gains and trades at dollar highs vs the EUR, JPY, CHF, CAD, AUD and NZD. The USD is only weaker against the GBP, although the decline against it has been more than halved from session lows.

The USD is now stronger