Momentum is the dominant feature of markets this year and nothing has more momentum than bitcoin right now. After a 10-day break as it consolidated around $52,000, bitcoin has broken out in a big way.

It's up $3400 today, or 6.7%, to $54,450. That's the highest since December 2021.

Looking at the weekly chart, the breakout also clears some minor resistance at $52,000 and suddenly, not much is standing in the way of a return to the record highs near $69,000.

Bitcoin weekly chart
Bitcoin weekly chart

Bitcoin bulls are optimistic that the looming halvening of mining supply, which is projected in late April, will tighten the market further. Oftentimes, speculators front-run moves, as they did on the ETF launch. A sell-the-fact trade on that was the right one as prices fell 20% before stabilizing and then quickly rebounding.

Right now, easy inflows into ETFs are helping to fuel the run-up as momentum trades dominate. The risk is that momentum runs both ways and we will see rapid declines in the future. That said, for now we've had a decent consolidation and the upside breakout will likely attract more buyers as the $60K range becomes visible.