We're at the end of yet another week filled with impactful data, especially from the US. Throughout this week, we've delved into the US CPI and the retail sales. I almost forgot to mention the positive data that came from Australia yesterday. Employment figures rose, but the charts didn't reflect that positively for the Australian Dollar.

Now, before we wrap up the week, let's talk about some crucial data from Europe. Tonight, at 9:00 PM Australian time, we're eagerly awaiting the release of Europe's CPI and core CPI for the month. This data holds immense importance, and it's anticipated that CPI will come in at 2.9%, a decline from the previous 4.3%. There's an expectation of minimal inflation, possibly around 0.1% for the month.

Why is this vital? Well, we've observed weaker PMI data in the previous month, both in services and manufacturing sectors. This slowdown indicates a potential cooling off in Europe's economy. Christine Lagarde's statements align with this, suggesting a downward trend in inflation.

However, let's not solely rely on PMI data for analysis, as it might not present the entire picture. Instead, let's focus on Lagarde's remarks and how they align with tonight's CPI. A synchronized correlation among these factors could indicate a substantial cooling off in the European economy.

This doesn't mean an immediate bullish trend for the euro, but it's essential to monitor international developments, particularly from Germany, as it significantly influences the European market.

Regarding tonight's CPI, while I expect it to be as anticipated or slightly lower due to the analysis and Lagarde's insights, we've seen a slight pullback in the euro and pound recently. This was expected after the spike in US CPI and mixed results in core sales and PPI.

So, let's eagerly await tonight's CPI report from Europe. It's a crucial piece to shape our understanding of Europe's year-end scenario. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend, especially for those experiencing Sydney's heat. Don't forget to subscribe and register for my upcoming webinar next Tuesday. More insightful content awaits next week!

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