Reserve Bank of Australia cash rate announcement and Governor Lowe's Statement are due at 0430GMT on 3 April 2018

I have popped up some bank previews earlier:

Ahead of that, some levels to be aware of ... and given the AUD impact is likely to be minimla these levels could well be useful following the announcement also.


  • 0.7710/15
  • 0.7685/90
  • 0.7670


  • 0.7650 initially (already tested there late US time)
  • After that .... good luck? Way down below, 0.7555 (ps. It won't drop straight there .... as I posted last week the consensus view is for a lower AUD, and shorts covering some back in are cushioning falls).
  • 0.7530

Price has been weighed upon by moves in equities ... and this (for me at least) means it remains a sell on rallies

Alternative (or otherwise) thoughts very welcome, of course.