📉 AMD's stock technical analysis: Is a 34% correction looming? 📉

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🔍 Analyzing the AMD long term... For the last 24 years:

AMD stock on the monthly chart showing a failed breakout
AMD stock on the monthly chart showing a failed breakout
  • AMD's stock has shown a failed breakout above the critical red resistance line, indicating potential bearish momentum ahead.
  • Historical performance over the last 24 years suggests AMD's shares might be on a path to correct towards the $125 mark.

📊 Technical indicators:

  • The Volume Profile Visible Range (VPVR) indicates a significant trading activity around the $125 level, dubbed the 'value area high' starting from 2020.

🔻 What does this mean?:

  • A potential correction of about 34% from the current price could be in play if AMD's stock continues to respect the long-term resistance trend.

AMD technical analysis on the daily timeframe - zoom in to the above longer term chart

AMD daily chart: Red line is the key resistance. Watch the bear flag.
AMD daily: Red line as key resistance. Watch the bear flag.

The price of AMD has broken down below the trendline of a bull flag pattern. This is a bearish signal that could indicate lower prices ahead.

🤔 For AMD stock investors and traders:

  • It's crucial to monitor AMD's stock closely, especially for those holding long positions or considering entry points.
  • Embrace a strategy that includes hedging or setting up stop-loss levels to mitigate potential losses during such corrections.

💡 Key takeaways for this long term AMD analysis:

  • AMD has experienced a failed breakout, raising caution among investors.
  • The correction target sits around $125, which is reinforced by the volume profile data.

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