- 1.0795-10 (€751m)
- 1.0825-35 (€556m)
- 1.0915-20 (€619m)

- 134.50 ($2.1bn)
- 135.50 ($1.3bn)
- 136.00-10 ($1.3bn)
- 136.80 ($806m)
- 137.00 ($503m)

- 1.3400 ($1.2bn)
- 1.3450 ($1.3bn)

- 141.00 (€1.0bn)

There are a couple of big ones to take note of, as highlighted in bold.

The one for USD/JPY near the 136.00 mark doesn't have too much technical significance, so I wouldn't really pin it as a key level. But it could attract some interest in limiting any downside move in the session ahead, so just be wary of that.

Meanwhile, there are a few large ones for USD/CAD with the closest sitting at 1.3450 so that might see price action be more contained as we trade just above 1.3400 and in and around the 200-day moving average at 1.3467 currently. Of note, price is also holding in between both the 100 and 200-hour moving averages at 1.3481 and 1.3440 respectively now.

For more information on how to use this data, you may refer to this post here.