FXO 27-05

There are a couple to take note of for the day, so let's get right into it.

The most notable one will be for EUR/USD as price pushes higher amid dollar softness, with the expiries layered around 1.0760-80 perhaps helping to cap price action. Meanwhile, the large spread for USD/JPY around 127.00 could also see price action be a bit more sticky for the time being before rolling off later in the day.

I don't see others as being too significant but there will be things to take note of for next week.

Monday will see a holiday in the US, so there will be fewer expiries to take note of then with markets likely to stay quieter. On Tuesday, there will be a mammoth set of expiries for EUR/USD at 1.0590-00 worth €8.3 billion. For now, the spot price does seem far away from the level but if we do move closer in the coming sessions then it might very well come into play.

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