FXO 03-11

There are quite a number to take note of on the board for today, as highlighted in bold.

But the caveat for all of them is that no matter the expiry sizes, trading sentiment today will be largely driven by the bond market and that will depend on what we get from the US non-farm payrolls data later in the day.

For EUR/USD, there is one at 1.0600 which should keep price action above the figure level for the most part in trading today.

Then, there is a few layers for USD/JPY in between 150.00 and 151.00 with the former likely to keep the pair held up for now while the latter is likely to limit any gains in the aftermath of the jobs report.

As for the ones in USD/CAD, they also do not hold any technical significance so I wouldn't ascribe much push and pull influence to the expiries on the day. Not especially as we will get both the US and Canadian jobs reports coming up later, which will be more of a factor for price action.

And lastly, there is the one for AUD/USD at 0.6450. Similarly, that is a level that does not hold any technical significance and so it could just be one to keep price action more limited before we get to the main event later today.

For more information on how to use this data, you may refer to this post here.