New York Fed president Williams (voting member)

New York Fed president Williams (voting member)

The New York Fed president John Williams is speaking and tilted more toward the hawkish side:

  • We are seeing broader based increases in inflation
  • Even after taking into account basic facts, we have seen a pickup in underlying inflation in the US
  • Long-run inflation expectations reversed earlier declines and are at levels seen in 2013 to 2014
  • Supply constraints are a major factor on the labor market and supply chain bottlenecks
  • Feds framework is well suited for this because it starts up from the point of making sure inflation expectations are anchored at 2%
  • The economy is going back
  • higher inflation is making it more expensive to put food on the table
  • Fed's focused on making sure there is a strong healthy economy with low and stable inflation
  • The rapid development in the crypto currency space and stable can provides opportunities for positive effects, but at the same time financial stability risks can be identified in that space
  • cyber risks to the financial system are not going away

Dow industrial average is trading down -153 points. The NASDAQ index remains positive by 30 points. The S&P is currently up 4.64 points.

On November 12 Williams said:

  • There are segments of the labor force that are more protected against inflation and others less so
  • People on fixed incomes are less protected against inflation
  • Fed officials have to understand the effects of climate issues on financial stability in terms of supervision and regulation
  • Fed officials are focused on inequality and equitable growth because they are important to the economy