BoE Hike 25 bps 7-2 vote split

Current Bank Rate 4.25%

BoE policymakers Tenreyro and Dhingra vote to keep rates on hold.

BoE Statement:

Q2 CPI likely to be lower than forecast in February, due to longer energy price cap and lower wholesale prices.

Further tightening of monetary policy would be necessary "if there were to be signs of more persistent pressures."

BoE Decision Maker Panel: Businesses see year-ahead inflation of 5.6% in 3 months to February vs 6.2% in 3 months to November

Reuters on the move -

The Bank of England raised interest rates by a further quarter of a percentage point on Thursday and said it expects the surge in British inflation to cool faster than before, despite a surprise jump in price growth announced on Wednesday.

Sounding more upbeat about the outlook for the country's slow pace of economic growth, the BoE's nine rate-setters voted 7-2 in favour of a 25 basis-point increase in Bank Rate to 4.25%.

That was its 11th consecutive increase in borrowing costs which began in December 2021, although it was the smallest rise since June last year.

Monetary Policy Committee members Swati Dhingra and Silvana Tenreyro voted to keep rates on hold while Catherine Mann, who has been the committee's strongest advocate for raising rates in bigger steps, backed the relatively small 25 basis-point increase.

The BoE - which is trying to reconcile a weak economic outlook and anxieties about global banks with stubbornly high inflation - kept unchanged its message that its MPC saw less urgency about maintaining its fast run of rate hikes.