I gave the heads up on this yesterday:

Heads up for RBA big wigs speaking this week: Lowe, Debelle, then Lowe again

  • (Lowe speaks again on Friday)

Lowe speaks Wednesday, 9th March (2220 GMT on 8th March),
& then Deputy Debelle (0800 GMT on 9th March)

rba speech march 7

Ears will be listening to both of these officials, Debelle carries no less weight in local financial markets than does Lowe. Be on the alert for comments regarding

  • the prospects of the jobless rate dropping under 4% (NAB think it will this month, data is out next week)
  • where inflation is headed, above 3% will moved the RBA closer to hiking (although is on the record as saying he wants to see a 'couple' more CPOI reports, which men's the August meeting at the earliest ... let's see if he maintains that guidance)
  • wage growth progress (the RBA wants to see higher wage growth to cement a wage driven higher inflation rate .... careful what ya wish for folks!)
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