Bloomberg conveyed the report, originally in Japan's JiJi media outlet:

  • The Bank of Japan is considering scrapping its yield curve control program and instead indicating in advance the amount of government bonds it plans to purchase, Jiji Press reported, without saying where it got the information.
  • It will stop its program to guide benchmark 10-year government bond yields to around 0%, as part of its efforts to normalize monetary policy, according to Jiji.
  • new framework would target the volume of purchases, rather than the yield, according to Jiji.
  • The bank will decide on that and ending negative interest rates as soon as the next policy meeting concluding on March 19, the report said.

Bloomberg is gated but here is the link if you can access it.

h/t and thanks to JC in the comments here


BOJ meet on March 18 and 19.


All the changes to the YCC program the BoJ have gaffa-taped on in recent months have all been aimed at, says the Bank, keeping its ultra loose monetary policy sustainabe. USD/JPY lost ground after each announcement (yen appreciated) but soon rebounded. I suspect the same again.