An interesting article … and I wonder if its true. If it is … interesting. If it isn’t – its hilarious!

  • The training of laboratory rats to trade in foreign exchange and commodity futures markets.
  • Rats were trained to press a red or green button to give buy or sell signals, after listening to ticker tape movements represented as sounds.
  • If they called the market right they were fed, if they called it wrong they got a small electric shock.
  • Male and female rats performed equally well.
  • The second generation of rattraders, cross-bred from the best performers in the first generation, appeared to have even better performance, although this is a preliminary result, according to the text.
  • Marcovici says the rats “outperformed some of the world’s leading human fund managers.”
  • Marcovici’s plan, he writes, is to breed enough of them to set up a hedge fund.

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rat in a suit

OK ForexLive traders – we are going to need a name for this hedge fund … over to you!