Brexit: Court hearings something to be wary about this week

Author: Justin Low | Category: News

The headlines here may have an impact on the pound during the week

Although there is only a slim chance of this working out, it is still something to watch out for in the midst of the current Brexit debacle. All the hearings are to stop Boris Johnson's prorogation of parliament so they're pretty much the same thing but at different courts.

The first hearing to watch out for will be tomorrow in Edinburgh, after Lord Doherty rejected an interim interdict last week. The full hearing was initially scheduled for Friday but has been brought forward to serve the interest of the public.

The second hearing will be on Thursday where the London high court will conduct a judicial review of the matter. The third one will be in Northern Ireland where a full hearing should take place no later than Friday, once the challenge is allowed to continue.

The latter two hearings will also seek injunctions - similar to the interdict sought in the Scottish court - to block the prorogation of parliament. But as seen last week, it is a bit of a long shot to see them passing.

The main issue with the rulings is that if the courts opt to side against Boris Johnson, they're essentially also siding against the Queen. That is very much unprecedented, as it would mean that the Queen has made an order based on advice that is deemed "unlawful".

I just don't see that happening but we're living in unprecedented times so you can't rule anything out. As such, the risks of this succeeding may be slim but you can't write it off completely. So, just keep your eyes and ears peeled in case of any surprises.

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