When to expect the first results from the Canadian election

The first Canadian election results will be at 2300 GMT (7 pm ET) and will be released in intervals as the polls close across the country's six time zones.

There are 338 ridings in the election and voters cast a single vote for a local candidate. The party that wins the most ridings (or forms a coalition) wins.

The Liberals are the betting favourite to defeat Prime Minister Harper and replace him with Justin Trudeau.

  • Newfoundland closes at 2300 GMT (7 pm ET) -- Just 7 seats, most likely all Liberal
  • Atlantic closes at 2330 GMT (7:30 pm ET) -- Liberal dominated -- 25 seats
  • Eastern closes at 0030 GMT (8:30 pm ET) -- toss up -- 198 seats
  • Central closes at 0130 GMT (9:30 pm ET) - Conservative dominated - 66 seats
  • Pacific closes at 0200 GMT (10 p.m. ET) - toss up - 42 seats
  • The big slate comes at 0030 GMT when polls in population-rich Quebec and Ontario close and that may be a strong signal about what's to come. What's most-likely is that some level of confusion persists after the election and that could soften CAD, although oil was the bigger culprit in Monday's 100-pip decline.

    We will have full, real-time coverage of the results as they come in. The Canadian dollar is trading at 1.3015.