Forex futures market specular positions data from the CFTC commitment of traders report as of the close on January 5, 2016

  • EUR short 161K vs 161 short prior week
  • GBP short 30K vs. 31K short prior week
  • JPY long 4K vs. 17K short prior week.
  • CAD short 60K vs. 61K short prior week.
  • CHF long 4K vs 4K long prior week
  • AUD short 14K vs 18K short prior week
  • NZD short 1.5K vs flat prior week

Oil longs were also pared back to +77K from +101K. I don't understand how there are any only longs still in business at this point, so I find those numbers dubious. Yesterday, it was reveled by CNBC that crude 'god' Andy Hall's fund was down 35% last year.

For the yen, that's the first time the market has been net long since October 2012.