• China trade balance for January: $ 31.9bn (expected +$23.45bn, prior was $25.64bn)
  • Exports for January: 10.6% y/y (expected +0.1% y/y, prior was +4.3% y/y)
  • Imports for January: 10.0% y/y (expected +4.0% y/y, prior was +8.3% y/y)

  • China imported a record 28.16 million metric tons of crude oil in January–equivalent to 6.66 million barrels a day

  • AUD/USD pops on the much better than expected trade balance.
  • Exports up hugely above expectations … Imports above expectations also
  • 0.9047/52 quoting now

AUD/USD orderboard is here – sellers around 50

Twitter afire with chatter of ‘fabricated’ data. Exports in % change terms are two orders of magnitude higher than Bloomberg survey expectations. No-one is perfect … but 2 orders of magnitude higher??? … hmmmm.

Nothing new, though. Traders running with it, when the dust settles there will be questions asked.

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