Latest data released by Markit - 1 October 2021

The preliminary report can be found here. The drop in the past month is the steepest since April last year as supply-side constraints weigh on manufacturing activity, with the pace of expansion slowing down further after peaking in the summer. A quick overview:

Meanwhile, Markit notes that:

"While Eurozone manufacturing expanded at a robust pace in September, growth has weakened markedly as producers report a growing toll from supply chain headwinds.

"Supply issues continue to wreak havoc across large swathes of European manufacturing, with delays and shortages being reported at rates not witnessed in almost a quarter of a century and showing no signs of any imminent improvement.

"Growing supply and transport issues are not only being cited as a major constraint on both production and demand, but also once again drove prices sharply higher in September.

"Factory jobs growth has meanwhile also slowed partly due to lower labour requirements amid the widespread component shortages.

"With costs rising and factories struggling to produce enough goods to meet customer demand, the average price of goods leaving the factory gate rose at an increased rate in September, accelerating to almost match the record price jumps seen earlier in the summer.

"The supply situation should start to improve now that COVID-19 cases are falling and vaccination rates are improving in many countries, notably in several key Asian economies from which many components are sourced, but it will inevitably be a slow process which could see the theme of supply issues and rising prices run well into 2022."