Forex trading headlines for Asia Friday 19 September 2014

It was all about the Scottish referendum today as the long-awaited results started to trickle in. As it stands now (not all counting done) its a good win for the ‘No” side. Cable is voting too, its on its highs for the session as I write.

There are individual area results posted throughout the session, but the running total was kept diligently by Ryan and can be found here: Scottish independence vote results live – Running total (and remember, it is the total that is going to be the result).

GBP was the centre of attention today – taking off higher in the early going with rumours that ‘No’ would win and gaining as the No votes came in. GBP crosses largely gained on the back of the very strong cable.

USD/JPY cracked through 109 (GBP/JPY buying helping it along). The move came soon after the Japanese Cabinet Office released their downgraded September economic assessment, though this seemed more a case of correlation than causation as the downgrade was widely expected. There has been no standing in the way of the higher USD/JPY trend this week.

AUD got smacked lower just before lunchtime in Australia, dropping 50-odd points in around 30 minutes.

EUR/USD had a relatively restrained session, dipping only small despite great USD gains elsewhere … indicative of some EUR demand.

NZD fell away through most of the session heading into the election this weekend.