German chancellor Merkel addressing the Bundestag 28 June

  • we have to respect Brexit decision
  • Europe has got through many crises and challenges in the past
  • EU is strong enough to withstand Brexit
  • Germany has special interest in European unification succeeding
  • it is up to the UK to says how it wants to shape its future with Europe
  • we remain a close partner in NATO
  • want to maintain close relations with UK

Blah blah blah.

More of the same from these talking heads at the moment too:


  • UK PM Cameron must provide clarity to avoid EU uncertainty


  • Brexit uncertainty is very damaging but EU shouldn't take a hostile approach to UK

Try telling that to Juncker and others Dijjy.

I'm very temped to declare a unilateral decision to stop posting all this repetitive rubbish until we get something of note. My fingers and my sanity can't take too much more!