I wonder what model the economists used for this equation

Author: Adam Button | Category: News

 "Greece could default without exiting euro, say economists".

That's a Bloomberg story at the moment.

You how we know that Greece could stay in the Eurozone after a default? Because Greece already had a sovereign default and stayed in the Eurozone.

Here's the quick update on Greek weekend news:

Tsipras had a call with Dijsselbloem and Merkel and bailout talks with resume Monday with a call and Wednesday in person. The call had a 'positive atmosphere' according to a Greek official.

The FT reports that European officials are frustrated with Varoufakis and are trying to work around him.

"According to two eurozone officials, Mr Dijsselbloem phoned Mr Tsipras from Riga in an effort to mend fences after Friday's feisty eurogroup meeting, where Mr Varoufakis was rounded on by his eurozone colleagues.

In a sign that Mr Varoufakis's combative approach is prompting concern in Greece as well, a senior Athens official said the Riga meeting was likely to lead to him being sidelined as Mr Tsipras and his deputy Yannis Dragasakis take a more hands-on role."

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