All the best photos of the protestor who crashes the ECB press conference.

A woman wearing a shirt saying 'End the ECB Dick-tatorship' threw papers in the air, jumped on Draghi's desk and glitterbombed him before she was dragged away by security. She repeated 'end ECB dictatorship' a handful of times.

There was a brief pause in the press conference and it wasn't addressed by Draghi or anyone else. I'm not sure if she was protesting sexism or the ECB dictating policy elsewhere.

Draghi froze hard.

Let. Me. See. That. Thong. That thon-tho-tho-tho thong. lolz

Good amplitude on the papers. There were some jokes about Constancio freezing.

She had a moment to unleash the glitterbomb.

Mission accomplished.

Security was slow to arrive.

If you need help, don't expect it from photographers.

The Bloomberg video of the protest shows a hilarious fly-by from two photographers.

She hid the t-shirt under a sportcoat.

The best photo of the protestor.

It doesn't take the internet long.


Constancio seemed to enjoy himself.

Update: The ECB released a statement on the incident:

"The European Central Bank's press conference was briefly disrupted by a protester today, who jumped on to the stage and threw confetti. Staff from the ECB are investigating the incident.

Security staff took immediate and effective action.

Initial findings suggest that the activist registered as journalist for a news organisation she does not represent. Like all visitors to the ECB, she went through an identity check, metal detector and x-ray of her bag, before entering the building.

ECB President Mario Draghi remained unharmed and calmly proceeded with the press conference."