Three years later, EUR/CHF nears 1.20

It's taken three years but EUR/CHF is only 200 pips away from rebounding above 1.20.

The paid took one of the all-time great swan dives after the Swiss National Bank gave up defending 1.2000 and the pair plunged down to 0.8500 in several very frantic minutes.

The drop reshaped the retail FX industry, inviting a rethink on regulation and crippling FXCM.

The decision to abandon the floor came just a week after policymakers said it was a 'cornerstone' of their monetary policy.

From January 15, 2015: Swiss National Bank abandons EUR/CHF 1.20 floor - 7 storylines.

Here was the game-changing press release that came out at 0930 GMT (4:30 am ET).

What are you memories from that day?