More from China's stats bureau: "Prudent and neutral monetary policy"

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

National Bureau of Statistics comments reported via Reuters:

  • H1 economic achievement "hard won"
  • Expects more positive changes in China's economy in h2
  • China has yet to implement new statistical method on national economy
  • Implementing new statistical methods on national economy will be a gradual process
  • Prudent and neutral monetary policy will provide necessary liquidity in the economy, but also prevent rise in debt levels
  • Expects property investment growth to stabilise
  • Expects China's consumer price inflation to remain benign
  • Consumption accounted for 63.4 pct of H1 GDP growth
  • Capital formation accounted for 32.7 pct of h1 GDP growth
  • Net exports accounted for 3.9 pct of H1 GDP growth

(bolding mine for emphasis)