The President, The Election. The SCOTUS

Some additional political headlines over the last few minutes:

  • Apparently Pres. Trump is not able to participate in a call on coronavirus with Senior citizens today. VP Pence will stand in for the President. Given the administrations reluctance to be transparent at times (i.e., Bloomberg scooped the Hope Hicks Covid news and despite "rapid testing" the Pres. did not tweet he had Covid until nearly 1 AM), the hints will be scrutinized as to how serious or not the President's condition is
  • Texas has been sued over plans to limit ballot drop boxes for election. The governor citing security, said that drop boxes for mailing votes would be limited to one per county. Texas has some big counties. Many feel that this is a voter suppression ploy
  • Democrats urge GOP to put health first, not rush SCOTUS. Finding common ground on stimulus is elusive, but Sen. McConnell already said that the SCOTUS procedure would continue as planned. Nice try, but I would put the chance of the GOP to suddenly forgetting about the SCOTUS nomination to be 0.0%. If they could, they would vote right now without any confirmation hearings.